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Quick cuff ger dig möjlighet att snabbt och smidigt byta tätning på plats.

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Halcyon traveller PRO BCD Halcyon H-50D 1:a steg Halcyon Halo 2:a steg Halcyon master SPG 12L 232 bar flaska Alla slangar ingår 

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Halcyons pressure gauges are highly reliable made from the best materials and with a luminescent face making them easy to read. The standard SPG is calibrated for 0-360 Bar and is perfectly suited as a primary SPG.

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Breathing underwater should feel natural and that experience you will have with a Halcyon second stage. With a smooth and steady high flow of gas you can feel comfortable on any dive. The Halo is a balanced downstream second stage that works perfectly with all Halcyon first stages. Adjustable inhalation control ACV setting for additional fine...

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The H-50D is a high performance diaphragm first stage, fully sealed and built for harsh conditions. Diaphragm first stages where no cold water comes in contact with inner parts. Balanced, environmetally sealed diaphragm Four low pressure ports Two opposing high pressure ports. Nitrox 40% compatible from start Possible to upgrade to fully oxygen...

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The Halcyon Traveler Pro builds upon the popularity of the Traveler system with its unique lightweight nylon backplate and combining it with the classic Eclipse wing. The Nylon backplate has integrated Cinch quick-adjust system and single tank adapter making sure the tank is snug on the back in the most comfortable way.

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